Saturday, 19 January 2013

Bits and Bites

Eating out here is a big draw. Playa is well known for its international cuisine, everything from high end steak houses to cheap taco and fruit carts. Many people who live here full time rarely cook at home, because it's can be so easy and cheap to eat out. Here are a few tasty treats that I've had over the last week.

Walking down the street, I happened upon a little restaurant that was offering paella as their lunch of the day (100 pesos=$8 Cdn). I asked if I could have some to go. "Of course"... and they brought me this: a proper glass plate and silverware wrapped up to go. "Just bring the plate back later if you can". I love the trust here!

Zenzi is a bar/restaurant on the beach. Live music, great view. Usually beach restaurants are a bit more expensive, but they had a dinner special of chicken cordon bleu for 90 pesos ($7 Cdn). Came with a fresh, delicious Caesar salad.

 I discovered this little taco place last year, and I'm so glad it's doing well. Remodeled and freshened up, Tacos Arabes has added a little garden seating area. They are still serving the delicious seasoned pork on fresh pita-like tacos, much like schwarma. Prices have gone up from 18 pesos each to 20. I took 2 to go for supper, sauces and lime packaged up for the condiments. So yummy.

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  1. Mmm....looks so good...what an adventure you are having!