Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Healing my soul through my eyes

More reasons why I choose Playa.

Some people hate what the sun, wind, salt and humidity does to their hair. I love it!

Some of the things that I see on a daily basis goes straight to my soul to rejuvenate it.

Others just confuse me, but who cares. This is a new, massive sculpture near the pier.


  1. The white podwery sand makes me wish even more that I was there. Maybe Sofia wants to go to Mexico for her make a wish and play in the ocean. Although it is not something she would necessarily realize, I look at the photos and know she would love it there!

    Your hair is so light. Love the photo of you :)

    1. The sand and water is certainly the first thing that captured my heart here. I think we would have to take her somewhere with more calm water... perhaps Akumal or Tulum on a calm day. I may get to both this trip and be sure to post photos so that you can both dream!