Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Moving Day!

Today I move from my cozy place right on 5th, in the middle of all the action to a bigger place in a more residential area. This is what I am leaving...

My friend Elizabeth picked me up with my luggage (Note, that I call her my friend now, even though I paid her for the service of finding me an apartment... she really is more like a friend!). The landlord is nice, thorough, and I get a positive, honest vibe from him. After about an hour of formalities, I had the place to myself to unpack and get the feel of it. I quite like it. It's very bright, spacious, better maintained than my last place, and quiet (except for traffic I can hear from a nearby street). The biggest downside of my last place, besides it being too small to host guests, was the noise from 5th and 1st.

How nice, the previous tenant left me a little welcome beer!

The sitting room with a futon couch for when I have extra guests. Note the staggered steps in the staircase... cute but scary to navigate!

Kitchen and sitting area.

Sizeable balcony with moderate view (can't really hang my hammock though, unfortunately).

 Stairs up to the loft.

Outside my front door. Pretty flower box at my door step! You can't quite see it in the photo, but the staircase up to my apartment is spiraled.

A tiny pool with some garden space to lounge in!

View from the loft looking down.

The bedroom in the loft.


  1. Nice, curl up in that cozy bed and shake your sore throat!

  2. Good to hear that the move went well. Can't wait to see it!