Monday, 21 January 2013

Trattoria del Centro

There is no shortage of Italian restaurants in this town. Half of the main tourist area is considered Little Italy. I'm not normally a big fan of Italian food or pasta when I go out, but once in a while I have a craving. My usual go-to has disappointed me the last couple years, so I took someone's recommendation and went to Trattoria del Centro, on calle 26 between 10th and 15 ave. A little hole in the wall, with only a few tables, with delicious hand made pasta at very reasonable prices... my favourite kind of place!

Daily specials run from noon-6 pm. For 100 pesos, choose from lasagna, ravioli, gnocchi, spachetti, rolled chicken or roast pork tenderloin. For 80 pesos, flat pasta with your choice of sauce that includes salad and bruschetta.

Tiny bruschetta toasts with your standard tomato as well as tapenade that was yummmmy.

I chose the pasta with a mushroom cream sauce. So rich. So tasty. I'll be back (with my Minnesota family! nudge nudge!)


  1. Hola Lori, That does look like a good place. You just might be able to talk us into it :-)

    1. Yes, if I manage to get you guys moving before 5 pm ;) Otherwise we can just order off the regular menu too!