Friday, 15 February 2013

Beach Adventure

An adventure day to a very unpopulated beach. No restaurants, bars, loud music or loud people. I've been asked to not disclose the location, so don't ask... and if you know, don't tell.

A little wild, and so serene.


On the path to the cenote next door. So much wildlife in here. At one point we were surrounded by about half a dozen beautiful blue birds circling us.

The gorgeous cenote.

Filled with fish!

That nibbled at my constantly! People pay big money to have fish clean the dead skin off their bodies.

The water so clear.

And many iguanas enjoying their day at the beach too.


  1. What an adventure...and a beautiful mermaid sighting too!!

  2. That looks amazing. Wow! Except the part where the fishes nibble at you. :P
    ~ D