Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Old and New Friends

Farewell to Cathy and Jeff today. Their last day in Playa, I invited them to a picnic on the beach. Leftovers from my supper the night before and barbacoa made from a local kitchen, otherwise known as "street food". I'm so grateful that they got to meet Playa-Lori and that I got to share my Mexican treasures with them! Love you guys!

And another story about how things are simply done differently here in Mexico. My housekeeper arrived with a little package in tow... her 4 year old granddaughter. She made no apologies, just came on in, set Ingrid up with some coloring, and got to work. Well, I took that as a great opportunity to learn some Spanish! One of the reasons adults find learning a second language so difficult is that we lose our fearlessness at making mistakes. Little ones like this don't judge. We found our way through the language barrier as I began teaching her ABC's, and she taught me the names of all the things in my apartment. Best Spanish lesson ever!


  1. How do you say pretty ladies in Spanish?

  2. Several ways you could say that in this case:
    Exact translation... seƱoritas bonitas
    chicas lindas (cute girls)
    chicitas bonitas (beautiful girls affectionately... which I think sounds best)