Wednesday, 27 March 2013


I've known Lisa since kindergarten. Our paths have crossed in our adult lives, but until recently, other things always seemed to get in the way of us holding on to a consistent connection. Now, it seems like our paths of "meaningful relationships" have intersected and we are getting to know each other while hanging out in Playa del Carmen!

One of our common interests is food! Another is that we are both from Ukrainian heritage. So, what else to do but make borscht in Mexico (ie: beet soup)!

Note A: Dill is nowhere to be found in Playa.
Note B: Some use sour cream, some use sweet cream to finish the borscht. However, the common thing to find here in Playa is crema, a cross between the two, more like a thick creme fraiche. I must say it was the perfect finish, one I liked better than either sour cream or sweet cream.

Lisa peels the beets and preps the other vegetables.

Rich, red goodness simmering away!

Manuel gives his hearty approval of our Ukrainian meal!

 Next on our agenda is cabbage rolls!

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  1. Amazing how your blogs on food arrive just before lunch here...and I must settle for what's in my brown bag! Hugs, M.